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Now is the best time to take care of yourself!

Klinikos kabinetas

For more than 17 years a physical therapy center Sveikatos sala uses the unique methodology, created by professor V. Jasiūnas, and successfully helps people to get rid of the problems, caused by spinal hernias or injuries, in non-pharmaceutical and non-surgical way.

You should know that emerging or resulting spinal hernia sooner or later begins to press vital spinal cord or spinal nerves. Consequently it disturbs the activity of inner body organs or other body functions. For example, the individual may feel such symptoms as insomnia, headaches, ear aches, high blood pressure, recurrent sore throat, disorders of memory or seeing. Each of these disorders may be possibly caused by the particular problems, originated in intervertebral discs of cervical spine. Meanwhile, the individuals, who have spinal hernias in lumbar spine, could be troubled by bowel dysfunction, urinary incontinence, women may complain of irregular, painful menstruation, men – prostate problems.

Don’t let the pain spoil your life. With our assistance you will be able to prevent it!


Services of Sveikatos sala

 Diagnosing of the causes of back pain

 Evaluation of spine condition

 Presentation of non-surgical way of solving problems, caused by spinal hernias

 Examination of posture and evaluation of physical fitness

 Rehabilitation of proper muscle symmetry

 Setting up of individual workout programs

 Supervising during workouts and selection of appropriate exercises and physical loads

 Diagnosing problems of nutrition and suggestions how to solve them

 Recommendations concerning proper home and workplace ergonomics


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 Unique and effective methodology

 Long-term experience

 Individual attention to each client

 Comprehensive approach to the causes of health problems

 Specially trained physical therapists

 Ergonomic trainers

 Modern diagnostic equipment

 Quality supplements and supports



Special offer


Now is the best time to take care of yourself!

Sveikatos sala_Kaip isvengti nugaros skausmu

Our special offer

Physical therapy center Sveikatos sala presents special health plan “Intense strengthening”. This is great option for those who don’t live in Lithuania and may come to Vilnius only for few weeks.

But even during such a short time we can investigate what causes pains of your back and, most importantly, you will get familiar with all the basics and appropriate exercises of our unique methodology.

Initial evaluation, intense rehabilitation, individual workouts, consultations and useful tips, including do’s and dont’s, will help to make your spine fit and fine again!

“Intense strengthening” is a half-year health plan. At start you will get two weeks course of procedures and workouts, individually supervised by physical therapist. Afterwards, each month you will get a workout program, adapted particularly for you, including the consultations by physical therapist, how the provided program should be carried out. After completion of the plan your physical shape will be repeatedly evaluated by our specialists.

Health plan “Intense strengthening” not only help you to get rid of annoying pains of the back and joints, consequences of traumas or other physical conditions, but it will improve your common well-being and physical capability. Our unique methodology, experience and knowledge will enhance the quality of your life!

If you understand that your whole body (not only the teeth, which you brush each day) requires a daily attention and if you do not wish to tackle the health problems, only trying out the medications after medications, we are waiting for you!


Managing director of Sveikatos sala, physical therapist

Ieva Adomėnienė


(6 months)
From 549 €

Special health plan “Intense strengthening” will help to keep and to improve the physical condition for all of our clients, who live abroad. While selecting this plan you will be able to continue excercising autonomously at home or in the gym.

Depending on the plan content the price may change. Proposal don’t include the blood tests and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) examinations. In case the client should need additional tests or services, the price of the plan increases accordingly.


The plan includes:

Primary physical therapist‘s consultation

Initial assessment of muscular system and body composition

Consultation concerning home and workplace ergonomics

Treatment course, which consists of 10 electrostimulations

Physical fitness evaluation

Individual workout program for 1 month

4 individual workouts with physical therapist

Autonomous workouts in our „Gym&Care” according to the workout program, set for the first month

Individual workout program for 5 months

5 consultations by phone or internet regarding the implementation of the workout program

Repeated assessment of muscular system and body composition

Repeated physical therapist‘s consultation

Additional 20 % discount for the optional „Relax&Beauty“ procedures, offered by Sveikatos sala

5 % discount for the goods

15 % discount for the services of Sveikatos sala and for the inventory lending services

Free use of Relax zone

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Now is the best time to take care of yourself!

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